Saturday, July 27, 2013


As I was driving home last night, someone unexpectedly took a left turn across traffic & into my lane. I tried to swerve to avoid hitting her but I wasn't able to avoid it. I collided with her back end. Then, she drove away!

I called my insurance company & the police. I found out from the officer who called me back that the woman who caused the accident had called to report it too. Apparently she explained that her sudden erratic turn into my lane was because her son started choking & vomiting in the back of the car, so she was trying to turn into a business parking lot to see if he was okay. Why she didn't turn right, NOT into oncoming traffic & into a parking lot on that side, I don't know.

So now my car is all sorts of jacked up. It runs still, but the bumper looks like it's going to fall off, the wheel well is misshapen, & I can't open the passenger door. So that's great.


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