Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Grumbles about things

Work has been exceedingly frustrating lately. It's making it really hard to feel any real satisfaction or enjoyment @ my job lately. There are a few things all kind of coming together that are making things tough.

The first is the rapid pacing of probation violation hearings recently. Unlike new charges, where a person has to be given bail, on probation cases the person can be held w/o bail until the hrg, which has to be w/in 7 days. This week I have 3 or 4 of those hrgs scheduled which means I am scrambling to try to get things done on the cases in time. It's really difficult to get everything done when it's so fast & so many at the same time.

I am also getting little in the way of offers on cases. This makes it difficult to make any headway on the cases. Most of my clients want to resolve the case but it's hard to get offers out of the prosecution & when I do, the offers aren't even all that good. So clients are just of the mindset that they might as well take their chances @ trial. So that means extra work for me bc of trial prep.

In a non-work related but still frustrating item, I am doing my very first 5k this Saturday w/ CB and I am pretty excited for it, but no one is coming to watch & cheer me on. A couple of my friends said they would try to but couldn't get the day off work. My family isn't coming for whatever reason. So no one will be there w/ me except CB. I am glad she will be there w/ me so @ least I won't be totally alone, but it would be nice to have @ least one or two of my friends or family there, too. I know it's just a dumb 5k but it's my first one & kind of a big deal to me. Really sucks that I won't have anyone to celebrate with me.

Grr, I am a crankypants.

Hopefully this won't crabby mood won't last too long.

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