Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fish-eyes and gauntlets

I was really excited yesterday because I was finally going to be getting new glasses.  Mine broke about a year and a half ago and I have been living in contacts ever since then, which has resulted in a lot of burning, angry eyes from having contacts in for too long.  So, yesterday, I went to get my new, stylish, sweet glasses and I was pumped to be able to have some non-contact time at home. (Only at home--I look dorky in glasses, so I almost never wear them out of the house). 

I get them home, whip out my contacts, pop on my glasses and realize instantly the prescription is wrong.  Everything looks like it's filmed in that stupid fish-eye lens that music videos love so much. 

Balls.  So, I have to take them back today and wait to get the correct prescription in there.  I don't know what happened--I had an eye exam last year and my contact prescription was right.  I had a contacts AND glasses exam, so they both should have been right.  But, apparently not.  My glasses prescription came out waaaay too strong.  Sigh...more eye burning for the time being. 

In other news, work was beyond horrible last week.  You may have surmised that from my post about crying.  I wasn't just crying--I was full-on sobbing like a crazy nutcase.  I was also kicking my office wall (better not break that state property!) and throwing my stuff around in my office and letting out a litany of swear words that would have made a sailor blush.