Monday, January 22, 2018

Big exciting news!


I got offered a public defender position in the metro! Which means I get to move out of the sticks & back to civilization & closer to my friends & family!

Finally something good is happening! I feel like I've been pushing a boulder up a hill forever & hating so much about my life circumstances. I truly thought I'd never get a PD position in the metro. I felt so trapped & suffocated & like I had a weight dragging me down for so long. And amazingly, suddenly, everything is changing super fast.

I start at the new office on 2/20. I'm already getting cases assigned to me. I am looking for a new apartment & packing up all my stuff into boxes & AHHHHH I can hardly believe it's really real!!

I'm so excited! Also nervous & anxious & scared & sad to be leaving all my work people, but excited for the new changes coming. It feels like such a fresh start, like I'm finally putting everything behind me & shedding my old life fully & just getting a brand new start.

Squeeeeeee!!!! Is this real?!?!