Monday, July 08, 2013

Summer Bucket List

Work is making me feel very stabby today so I need something to distract myself from being in a crabby mood.  It's been really nice outside the last week or so (it was a non-stop rainfest for basically all of June) so I started thinking about all the stuff I always say that I want to do over the summer but never get around to actually doing it. So, I'm going to have a summer bucket list and make sure i do the things on my summer bucket list. 

So, here's what I've thought of so far: 

1. Go horseback riding
2. Go camping (scheduled to do this in August)
3. Spend a day on the lake
4. Canoe around Lake Calhoun or other place where they have canoe rentals
5. Take a nap in a hammock in the sunshine
6. Have a picnic (I have this sweet picnic set for 4 that I have used once ever and it makes me sad I don't ever use it more). 
7. Go rollerblading
8. Go for a bike ride

Those are all the things I've thought of so far, but I'm sure there will be more as I think of them. I just came up with those this afternoon so I would stop thinking about how much I wanted to punch everything out of frustration because work is driving me insane today. 

Now I need to find friends who are available to do said activities w/ me, because that makes it more fun to do things with friends. Who wants to have a one-person picnic??  Unfortunately, most of my friends either a) work opposite hours than me, so finding time to get together is difficult, b) have babies/kids and can't get a babysitter, or c) live really far away from me (like 3+ hours). Wah wah. 

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