Saturday, July 13, 2013

I did my very first 5k today!

I did the Run For Your Lives 5k zombie obstacle course today w/ CB & it was such a blast! Exhausting as hell but super fun!

It thunderstormed all morning, so by the time we did our wave, the course had turned into this super sloppy, wet, muddy nightmare. I slipped & fell on the mud so many times I lost count. It made some of the parts of the course almost impossible to get through, but CB & I powered through.

Everyone got these belts w/ 3 flags on them & there were zombies throughout the course trying to grab your flags. I was able to hang onto @ least 1 of my flags through 6 crowds of zombies (I lasted longer than CB!) and then I lost all my flags about halfway through. By that time, I was pretty tired & didn't mind not having to run away from the zombies. The obstacles were pretty difficult! There was a maze, monkey bars, wires to climb under, water to wade through, shock wires, a balance beam...not to mention super steep hills that had been turned into a mudslide by the rain.

A little after we both lost our flags, CB somehow managed to sweet talk 2 zombies into giving us each back one life flag. So we each had one more chance! Woohoo! The flags Velcroed on to the belts & I realized that the one I had been given was the same side of Velcro as on my belt, meaning it wouldn't stick back on! I walked past about 5 zombies, asking if they had any flags they could trade me. All of them were out of flags. One zombie tried to see if the flag would stick anywhere on my belt but no such luck.

We came up on probably the creepiest zombie group next, a whole field of them standing there, wearing these bloody bunny masks. CB's flag had stuck onto her belt so she ran through the field screaming her head off. Which was hilarious, btw. I called out to the field, asking if they had any flags they could trade me bc I had gotten one from a zombie but it wouldn't stick. At first, they all just stood there and stared and didn't move, which was creepy as fuck! Seriously those bunny masks were terrifying! Finally one in the front motioned for me to go check w/ one zombie on the side, who ran to the bag of captured flags & grabbed one out.

As we were approaching each other, I joked, "Are you just going to snatch this one right after you trade it out for me?" The zombies within earshot started to laugh & one responded with, "Yep! Psych!" Which was pretty funny. The rest of the zombies in the field let me just walk through w/o taking my newly traded flag, which was nice.

The next crowd of zombies we came up on, I was even more pooped, so I was just walking through. One zombie reached out to grab my newly acquired flag so I just turned my body away (didn't run) and shouted, "NO! NO TOUCHY!" which made the zombies & a couple of grounds people start to laugh. And the other zombies then just let me pass through. Bc funny always works!

The rest of the course, I was too wiped out to run, so I didn't even make an effort to run. I would just throw up my hands & say, "I am too tired! Take it if you want!" And the zombies would just wave me on through w/o trying to take my flag. At one point, one zombie started to come for my flag & I said he could take it if he wanted. He shrugged & I said, "would you like a hug?" So I got a zombie hug & got to keep my flag. The other zombies in that group just high-fived me w/o stealing my flag. And the zombie who hugged me had a really nice body (he was shirtless) so heyyy!!

We made it through almost all the rest of the course w/ our flags. But at the second to last field of zombies, we both got our last flags swiped by the zombies. CB was running & screaming & slipped on the mud & the zombies took it while she was down. Wah wah. At the end of the course, we had to crawl under an electrified fence that was impossible not to end up getting shocked.

And then we were done! And we got sweet zombie infected medals! And I get to say that I completed my first 5k! Woohoo! It was super fun!
Then, after I got home, I showered, ate, & then took a nap for almost 4 hrs.


  1. Running is so fun. Next you should try a warrior dash, then just race, run and build endurance. So many things you can do. I pretty much think my favorite people in the world are defense lawyers that run and have cool after parties.

  2. Pretty much my favorite people in the world are PDs that run and go to cool after-run parties. Keep running. Do a Warrior Dash, then build endurance and have fun!