Wednesday, May 08, 2013

More changes

As usual, my life is full of change. I am going to be moving in a couple months. I am moving closer to work. It's not exactly where I pictured myself being but other than being a public defender, none of my plans have worked out. So may as well add another thing.

I think this one will be ok though. The rent is way cheaper than what I currently pay. And CB will be my neighbor. The new apt is in a bldg that has only 2 units. CB just moved in to the one unit & I will be in the other. So that should be fun! It will be like we are roommates but we each will have our own space. Plus we can split the cost of stuff like internet & cable.

So it will be good, I think. I am looking forward to being somewhere new & starting my life again. Single & in a new place with a sort of roomie right near by.

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