Monday, May 06, 2013

Mini vacation

Currently chilling in Chicago.  RV's little sister got married this weekend, so I travelled to Chicago to be at the wedding and visit with everybody.  It's been really fun and very relaxing.  The nice thing was that I got to stay with RV, which was the hub for all the pre-wedding activities.  So, I got to be there for all the excitement and bustle and seeing the bride get ready and hang out w/ everyone, but since I wasn't actually in the wedding, I didn't have to BE involved with everything.  I could just be around without the stress of being in the wedding itself.  The wedding was super awesome.  

Tomorrow I head back to MN.  And Wednesday, it's back to work.  I turned off my phone's email push notification, so I actually have no idea what's been going on at work.  And I'm totally okay with that! 

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