Sunday, October 28, 2012


Amazon lied and said my book would be free this weekend but apparently it's not...sorry about that. Stupid technology...

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  1. ?? It was free - I downloaded it OK.

    Absent from that is any explanation as to why coffee and tea should be avoided.

    Because religion is all about making up stupid, pointless rules and making other people follow them.

    "Christianity: 2000 years of everyone making it up as they go".

    What if Heaven is like a really trendy club and a person can only gain entry by having a sweet “… and I’m a Mormon” commercial? No cool, trendy commercial, no entrance to Heaven.

    "This part of heaven is completely walled in. That's so that Mormons/Evangelicals/Whatever think they're the only ones here." -- Joke.

    This included when I worked at the hardware store and I had sprained my ankle the day before and couldn’t stand on it. The manager argued with me about letting me have a stool to sit on— while I was scanning things with a gun and putting them in a bag. Apparently, the scanner is powered solely by the standing power of the employee operating it and if I were to sit down and attempt to operate it, the entire store would explode.

    In the UK, the checkout counters are set lower and all operators sit while checking out purchases.

    I was not used to so much autonomy. I was not comfortable with being trusted to know how to do my job without someone constantly checking on me to make sure I was not slacking off for even one nano-second of the day.

    In countries other than "The land of the free", people in factories or retail jobs usually have much more autonomy.

    Epilogue: Holy Shit, You Actually Read All This?

    Yep. Not that long. I'd actually like to see more on the legal 'system' which seems weird to me. There seem to be unwritten rules about what you can or can't do.

    For example, IANAL but my first voir dire question of a potential juror would be "Why do you think my client isn't guilty?"

    Another one I would ask is, "If my client says he made phone call from XXX at the time of the alleged crime and that call proves he is innocent but the police failed to save the records or video tape, does the state have to prove he couldn't or didn't make the call or does the client get the benefit of the police failure and thus must be found not guilty?"

    But that's me. What do you do if you conclude that your client is actually innocent? Would you let them take a plea?