Friday, January 06, 2012

Things That Happen in Legal Dramas on TV/Movies That I've Never Actually Seen Happen in Real Life:

1. Prancing around the courtroom whenever the attorney wants.
2. Defense attorney present while the suspect rambles on and on and on.
3. Defense attorney asks for a three day continuance in the middle of trial and the judge just agrees to the continuance without batting an eye.
4. Just objecting without giving any reason for the objection.
5. The prosecutor using ridiculous and inflammatory arguments in the bail hearing, such as "the defendant is an accused baby killer." Even in the sticks, I've never seen anything close to that type of language fly in court out of a lawyer's mouth.
6. Prosecutor dismisses the case in the middle of trial.
7. Either attorney popping out evidence--in the middle of their line of questioning!--that the other side didn't know about because it wasn't disclosed.
8. Attorney pulls out a gun in the middle of trial.
9. Important legal discussions/decisions occurring in chambers and off the record and never in court or with a court reporter.
10. Judge asks the witness questions in the middle of a jury trial in front of the jury. (Ok I've actually seen this once and it was because the judge was curious how to pronounce the word "buccal" and asked the forensic examiner how to correctly say it after the attorneys were done with their questioning. But that wasn't related to the case and didn't prejudice one side or the other. And apparently, it's correct to say it as either "buckle" or "byoo-cull.")
I'll update this as I see more. There is a law and order marathon on right now, so I'm sure I'll see more.


  1. Do you ever shout "Objection!" at the TV screen? I do, and IANAL.

  2. So you're saying 'Chicago' isn't an accurate portrayal of the legal field? Darn it! I've been working on my tap dancing!

  3. Anonymous5:48 PM

    I've objected a few times without giving the reason - I had a judge who just kept overruling me and never allowed me to explain the objection until finally I just asked to be heard. And then she overruled me again. I haven't seen #7, but apparently it's happened to a few people in my office, and i've definitely seen #10. I'm sure this all played out a lot differently than it did in L&O, though, of course.

    (also, I should probably point out that I'm the blogger formerly known as oh hay it's kk. I went slightly more anonymous for work purposes).