Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Shopping is clearly the best response

So our judges sometimes give the jury a survey after trials are over, to assess the attorneys and stuff. I hate these things. In the two juries I've had fill them out, a jury member commented on my appearance as the thing they liked the least about me. I was incredibly offended. One said I should have dressed more professionally, despite the fact that I wore a business suit every day.  Wtf? What am I supposed to wear, a ball gown?
First off, I know how to dress professionally and appropriately for court. Second off, although I dress a little more flashy for routine court appearances, since the judges and court staff and other attorneys are familiar enough with me that they aren't surprised if I show up with hot pink eyeshadow or giant earrings, I dress conservatively for jury trials. Neutral make-up, low-key colors, etc. So, it's not like I dress like a freak.
Third off, how is telling me you don't like my appearance constructive at all?
Fourth off, I doubt male attorneys get comments like that...
So, naturally, I am now all self-conscious and worried about how I look. Which necessitated a trip to the mall today to get myself some new work clothes.  And maybe I found an adorable pair of kitten heels that I also had to get because they were only $10!

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