Sunday, June 09, 2013

Ugh moving

Boo, I hate packing & moving. I have to move @ the end of this month, so I am packing my things into boxes. Weeee...

I am not moving far, which is nice, but I think I will still have to rent a truck (sigh). And I have people to help load my furniture into the truck but I am not sure if I have people to help me bring my furniture into my new place. Which is up a flight of stairs. Crap. I may end up sleeping outside if I don't have anyone to help me get my bed upstairs...

Luckily, I can start moving stuff in any time this month, so I can get some of the easy boxes & whatnot to the apt & into place before the final hurrah w/ moving the furniture. It will definitely make things less stressful that way. Last yr when I moved, I was so exhausted after we got done @ 8:00 that I could barely move & then I was overwhelmed with how much stuff there was to deal with. I couldn't even find my suits for work the next day! Thankfully, my boss was cool about it & let me be out sick the next day to get myself together & find my essentials for work. But I really don't want to have to do that again! So, I am going to start bringing stuff over this week, which will make the transition easier.

Of course that assumes that I will have things packed & ready to be moved. And that is a doubtful question so far. The picture is all the packing I have gotten done this weekend. Oops.

Well, @ least it's a start, right?

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  1. Whenever I move, I always pack a suitcase with the clothes I'll need immediately or within a week (can't be trusted to unpack right away) and also a box that I label Open First or something like that. In that box, I put the things I'll want/need on the first day, including soap, toilet paper, a shower curtain, a towel, and extra sheets (window coverings just in case!) I used to move fairly frequently so I actually had a list of what to put in my Open First box, but you're only going a short way, so most of this probably won't be as important. Oh, and I also pack a kitty suitcase (extra or temporary bowls, a towel or food mat, litter box, toys, treats, and of course, litter). Wow, I'm beginning to see why people think I'm controlling and/or OCD.