Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy days

Wahoo, I am really on a roll w/ this whole being in a good mood/happy thing. It's been such a long time since I have really felt like myself (instead of a sad, crabby, depressed version of myself). I was in a great mood today, for no reason @ all. This is bizzaro world! But it is awesome. I like it.

I am doing my very first 5k next month. It's a zombie obstacle course, so it sounds pretty fun. I still have exactly zero desire to run a marathon (bc gross...running for HOURS?!?! I'll pass.) but a zombie obstacle course sounds so much like being a kid on the playground that I can't resist. It just sounds fun. CB is going to do it w/ me so that will be fun. I wish I had someone to cheer us on, but that's okay. My mom was going to do it w/ us, but she has been too sick to get ready for it. So it looks like it will be just me & CB. Still fun though.

Work has been okay. I miss working w/ my old prosecutors, but that's the way it goes sometimes I guess. Hopefully I will be put back in that county eventually. I did feel touched when one of the prosecutors I used to work w/ told me I was missed. Plus, I will admit, I liked having the reputation of being "the good public defender" in my old county. I don't know that it was necessarily true, that I was somehow better than the other PDs in the area,but it was nice not to have to be met w/ the normal expectation from most defendants that PDs suck or don't care or won't work on the case. It was nice to know that a good majority of my clients were happy to have me on their case right from the start & to not have to overcome that stereotype of PDs. Now I have to start from square one again, with a new crop of clients who don't know me & most haven't heard anything about me so most come in expecting the worst. I haven't had to deal w/ that in a long time, but hopefully I can do enough work so that new clients are not expecting the worst when we meet. And I am also hoping to forge awesome relationships w/ the new prosecutors like I had in the old county. It makes it so much easier when we can not fight about needless things & instead focus our time & efforts on stuff we need to fight about (in court, of course).

Other than that, nothing new to report. Ward, Hubert, & I are all three little happy campers. Speaking of, I am writing this while in bed, with a very snoozy Wardy curled up beside me. He clearly needs me to cuddle him, so I'ma go do that now.

And here's a Ward pic for you all, because he is seriously so freaking cute. It wouldn't be fair for me to keep all this cuteness to myself.

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