Sunday, June 16, 2013

This is why my mom is awesome & hilarious

This is the actual conversation I had with my mom yesterday via text.

Mom: I am going to your aunt's today to see the baby kittens this afternoon. Do you want to come with?

Me: I definitely would but I have plans with (name withheld) for our second date this afternoon.

Mom: Oh that's exciting! What are you guys doing?

Me: We have lunch plans. I am going over to his place & then we are making lunch there.

Mom: Where does he live? It's a little soon to be going over to his place, isn't it? Ted Bundy was charming & attractive too, you know*.

Me: It's just lunch, mom. His address is (withheld). I have let people know where I will be, I have plans w/ RV in the evening, I am not being careless. I will be fine.

Mom: Hmm...

Me: Besides I already told him that Dad went to prison & threatens guys I date by saying he isn't afraid to go back.

Mom: Oh, ok! I feel better about this now. Have a great time, hon!

(*I would like to point out that her concern wasn't that it might be too soon to go over to his place bc she was worried we would be having sexy time, but rather that she was worried I might end up being ax murdered. This is the hazard of having your mother work at a state prison facility.)

I love my mom. She is hilarious.

And yeah, I had a second date yesterday. I went out w/ him for the first time on Thursday to a Twins game (pretty much the best first date idea ever given my obsessive love of baseball) and yesterday we had a lunch and tv date, where we ate lunch & then watched Law & Order: SVU & I semi-dozed on the couch (pretty much the best second date idea ever given my obsessive love of lunch, SVU, & napping). So basically, this man knows all the ways to my heart: baseball, delicious lunch, SVU, and naps. I think we are going to try to get together again sometime this coming week.  I have had a lot of fun w/ him on dates #1 & #2, so I am looking forward to #3.

That's all the news for now! I think it's naptime, anyway.

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