Monday, January 14, 2013

Extra fun

I'm sick. How awesome. Spent all weekend feeling both emotionally and physically crappy. Had to miss a baby shower and birthday party on Saturday. Missing work today.
My life is a ball of fun.
Okay, back to bed. Hopefully sleep and orange juice will improve things.


  1. I appreciated the comment you posted on my blog. I reversed blog stalked you and I have to say that my heart not only hurts for you, it identifies with you. Seriously, what's the point in even thinking about love and lasting relationships? We may be friends in the making. Get better so you can get out there and kick some whatever Minnesota town you live in...why do we live here anyway?

    1. Isn't blog-stalking fun? And thank you--I really appreciate what you said. So many people tell me I'll find someone new, without understanding why I may never actually want that.

      I live here because I was born here and right before I was going to make my escape with an out-of-state law school, I met YKW and got my law license now I'm kind of stuck unless I want to take another bar exam (barf). How did you end up here?

      P.s. I have both two cats and a wind chime. ;-)