Saturday, August 01, 2015

Heartache is the worst

My ability to cope with this breakup comes & goes. Some days I'm totally fine & don't feel sad about it at all. Other days, I completely fall apart & I'm consumed by thoughts of him. It's a roller coaster.

It probably doesn't help that we haven't completely severed contact. That makes it hard to heal. It is SO hard to just sever all contact & I know I should for my own mental health, but when he contacts me it's impossible to resist.

I've been focusing on myself & trying to continue with my own self-help improvements. I've been trying to just work on making myself happy & keeping busy with work & friends & family. Thankfully they have all been good distractions.

I just wish that I had been smart enough to listen to myself in the first place, when I kept telling myself that dating again was a bad idea. But I didn't & now I'm dealing with heartache again.

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