Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Let's talk about marriage.

Today the Supreme Court heard arguments about Prop 8. Let's take a minute to talk about marriage. As someone who has been married and found myself on the painful end of a divorce, I feel like I have some experience in the marriage area.

Allowing two people who love & care for each other to get married does not, in any way, shape, or form destroy the "sanctity of marriage." In fact, it does the complete opposite by allowing two committed individuals to legally unite their lives and creates bonds that legally obligate them to take care of each other.

More marriage does not destroy the sanctity of marriage. Divorce does. Instead of funneling all this time & resources into preventing people from getting married under the guise of protecting marriage, perhaps more energy should be focused on making divorce more difficult. Protect the unity of marriage by not allowing people to get married and divorced on a whim. Eliminate the concept of a "starter marriage." Making divorce more difficult will cause people to think carefully about the choice to marry someone. People wouldn't be able to jump ship so easily, calling it quits on marriage like it was an old pair of shoes they are tired of.

The hypocrisy of claiming to be in support of marriage without actually doing one single thing to protect marriage from being little more than something to do until you get bored with the other person absolutely infuriates me.

You seriously want to protect marriage? Then make divorces harder to obtain before you go around limiting who can get married. Deal with the staggering divorce rate first and then maybe that BS argument about protecting marriage might sound less like a compete lie to cover homophobia and more like a legitimate belief. I still won't agree with your position on gay marriage, but at least I won't think you are doing lip service without any real action. I can respect someone with a different opinion as long as they stand behind that opinion and really mean it.

Prevent divorce from being the instant go-to when things get dull or rocky and then we can talk. Until then, don't talk to me about protecting marriage.

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  1. THANK YOU! I've been saying this for years. Straight people have done a damn good job of "ruining the sanctity of marriage" with our 50% divorce rate. Ridiculous.