Sunday, February 10, 2013

Life updates

Things are definitely in a state of flux. The management at work is completely changing. Big Apple retired, Chief starts a new job on March 1st and Golf is the new interim manager. So, that is a whole lot of change at work. It sounds like Chief's position won't be filled until May.
Also at work: many contested hearings. I had a lot of those in my old county but it looks like I'm on pace to have even more in my new county. Which is exhausting. So many briefs to write. So many motions to file. ugh.
My step-dad's condition has gone from crappy to extra-crappy. As if the clot in his femoral artery and the pulmonary embolism weren't bad enough, he then had his lung fill up with fluid, which required surgery on Monday. They cleaned it all out and he was recovering in the hospital when he took a turn for the worse by Friday and was bleeding internally. They went back in and found a torn artery. I'm not even sure how that happens.
I started writing my next book. It won't be done for awhile, but the title is "Depression-Flavored Mouthwash."
That's all for now.

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