Friday, July 13, 2012

So that's happening now...

Just got back from Chi-town, visiting RV and her spawn and her husby.  I'm pretty proud of myself bc this time I taught Spawn to say, "I'm not a terrorist!" and "That sounds like communism!" Just for funsies. This is probably why it's a good thing I don't have kids. Although it was super adorable when I got there and Spawn saw me and jumped out of her chair, calling my name, and threw her tiny, midget arms around my legs in a hug. Awwwww...cute...she is super funny and adorable.

I went to see Fiona Apple in concert with RV and we also went and saw "Magic Mike," that movie about male strippers. Yes, I did see that. In the theaters. Wanna fight about it?
It was a lot of fun to see RV and family. I am planning on going back out there again in a few months. I want to try to visit more frequently now that I'm on my own and only have to worry about my schedule and the costs for me to go. I'm trying to spend more time with people I care about in general, even if that means driving 8 hrs to see them.
In unexpected news, YKW is talking to me again. Previously, I was instructed to only talk to him about the bills, which I stuck to for the most part. Bills and other need-to-discuss items. For about the last month or so, though, we have emailed and texted about other things. Mostly jokes about stuff. Or cat videos. I think he started it, although I can't totally remember anymore.
At any rate, I finally just asked him this week if we were talking again. He said he thought we were. I asked him if it was a temporary thing, until stuff was wrapped up. He said he didn't really think about not talking to me and that he likes talking to me, so he thought we could continue.
So that was unexpected. I was not anticipating that.
Ok, I'm tired. I had to wave around a feather on a stick for like two hours when I got home so Hubert could burn off some energy...

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