Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yay, I won!

I checked on a motion I had in before trial/vacation that I figured the judge's order would come out when I was gone on vacation and saw that it had. And that I won! The evidence was suppressed and as a result, 14 felony counts were dismissed!! I'm really excited! This is definitely my biggest pretrial win of my short legal career.  I had 4 different arguments and the court agreed with three of them, which was neat to see that. It's cool when the courts agree with my arguments, because then I feel like I might actually know what I'm doing! Lolz!

When I get back to work, I'll have to let my client know, of course. I'm sure my client will be thrilled. This is definitely going to go up on my corkboard in my office of "Happy Things" that I keep to help me stay motivated when I am feeling overwhelmed.
I also am excited about this win bc the prosecutors I was up against (there were two of them, with one kind of spearheading it) are both more experienced than I am (which isn't saying much since pretty much everyone is more experienced than I am...yay for being a newbie...) and they are both really, really smart. The lead prosecutor even has published law review articles that he's written and the other guy was a lawyer with the military and they both use really big words that sometimes I've had to look up bc I don't know what they are saying. Basically, they are really smart legal minds who are definitely better attorneys than me given how practiced and smart they both are. And I still won even though they are more experienced and smarter than me! Woohoo! This definitely makes me feel a bit more confident about my ability to issue-spot in a case and to effectively argue those issues when they arise.

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