Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Check out my sweet nails!

Time for a product review! It's been awhile since I've done one of these, so it's long overdue.
Two Saturdays ago, I tried out Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. I went for pink and brown argyle, bc I figured, hey why the heck not? They also have normal shades as well, but who wants that?

These are supposed to last up to 10 days. They are relatively easy to apply. Just peel off the backing, stick to your nail, file off the excess with the file they provide in the package, and you are done.
I was skeptical about this, bc I thought they would be like press-on nails, which last about ten minutes and look super cheap. However, these aren't nails. They actually are polish, somehow.  They are flimsy and stretchy like dried nail polish. So I was happy with that. And they have lasted quite awhile now. Today is day 11 and they are still in good shape. I will admit that I put a clear top coat over them, so that may be a factor, but that's easy enough to do.
At 11 days, they look better than when I use normal nail polish, since in general my nail polish will chip or nick in like 3-5 days, no matter what brand I use. In contrast, I think I will need to take this polish off soon, but only bc my nails are growing and there is a gap btwn the polish and my cuticles that it's beginning to be fairly obvious. But, hey, that's some pretty long lasting color!  Especially bc I haven't taken any pains to keep then looking nice.
Overall, I'm pleasantly surprised by this product and I plan on using it again. It has cool designs that I would never be able to do on my own (like argyle and houndstooth), it has normal plain shades too, it's easy to apply, and it lasts for a really long time.  Which is good bc the kit costs like $8.50 and I was not real thrilled about that bc I'm incredibly cheap. But, given how long it stays, I feel like I'm getting my money's worth out of it.
So, I'd recommend this. It's easy, it's long-lasting, and who doesn't want super fun nails without a lot of effort? It's a quick way to treat yourself to something nice. Even if you went with the normal shades, it would still be worth it just based on how long it would stay looking nice and fresh.

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