Friday, May 11, 2012

So far, pottery class is nothing like that scene in "Ghost" but it's still fun.

I've been taking a pottery class for like 12 weeks now, since the end of February.  That has translated into me having a ridiculous number of pots.  So, I've just given them away to people so that way my house isn't cluttered with a billion clay items.  And they seem to make people really happy to have them, even when I think they look like crap or are all wonky.  People seem really excited to have things that are handmade, even if they aren't all that awesome. 

Here is some of the stuff I've made: 

This one is a mistake pot, where the bow is covering up the part where I accidentally dinged it and messed it up.  Whoops!  This one is claimed by one of my friends.

These have all been given away, too.  I liked the coloring on this set.

This one was one of my first attempts at making thinner walls than I had previously been making and it turned out really cool!  I liked this one a lot.  This one has also been given away.

I kept this one.  This one is another mistake.  It was a bowl.  Then, the bottom was too thin and I accidentally cut it off when I was trying to take it off the wheel.  Oops...  So, then I just rolled out a slab and attached the walls of the bowl to the slab and reshaped it.  And then I stuck some handles on it--wah-lah! Baking dish.

This one is one of the most even and symmetrical bowls I've managed to make!  I was super excited about this one!  It's being glazed right now and I'll probably keep this one, just because I am really proud of it!

Gave this one away, too.  Perfect candy dish.

This one was one of my first things that I ever made.  I liked this one.  I was very proud of it at the time that I made it.  I still think it came out nice, but it's kind of small since I wasn't really good at that point in time and could only make small items without it totally crapping out.  I gave this one away, as well.  I believe it's currently in Utah or Arizona...

Also a mistake.  This one actually was on the wheel and I accidentally stepped on the pedal and made the walls flatten out.  Ooops!  Slab and a stem and suddenly it's a leaf platter--this one went to my mom, who loved it!

This one was the first time I got to use wax-resist to create a design.  It came out awesome!  I kept this one, too, since I really like this one. 

This is the inside of the bowl.

I just finished this one this week.  It's a little fairy house for my mom's garden.  She'll love this, since she loves things like this to put in her garden.  

And that it the side with the window and the flower box.  Awww, yeah...

That's only some of the stuff I've made.  After 12 weeks, I've made a ridiculous amount of pottery.  I'm running out of people to give things to, because pretty much everyone I know has now been a recipient of pottery.  It's been a lot of fun and I am hoping to continue doing it.  It will mean more people will end up with potentially-wonky pottery, but so far, everyone has seemed pretty happy with getting it and I really enjoy making it.  It's very stress-relieving and fun. 


  1. Holy crap this is awesome.

    Sighs. Now I feel like taking up pottery. Or anything that will get my mind off exams.


  2. Thank you! I highly recommend it for anytime you need a break from anything. There is something hypnotic about the wheel spinning around and around and around... :-)

  3. These are really neat!