Friday, February 24, 2012

Funny stuff

Sometimes my job makes me crack up.  Yesterday, I had one of those funny moments in my day.  I have a case where the most serious count is a presumptive commit case (for non-lawyers/people who don't live in MN, that means that if convicted, the sentencing guidelines recommend a prison sentence, not probation).  There's also like 4 other charges, too.  The offer letter that was sent over to me for the case is an offer to plead to a gross misdemeanor and a misdemeanor--dismiss the other charges.  No felony charges, no prison sentence.  So, that's a remarkably awesome offer.  It's such a good offer that when Golf came into my office one day and the offer letter was sitting on the top of my inbox, Golf saw it and exclaimed, "You get offers to plead [the most serious charge in the case] down to a gross misdemeanor?!  I'd never get that in my county!"  

So, I went to go talk to the prosecutor on that file, to go over the specifics of it and to see if we could agree as to any potential sentence he'd serve on the gross misdemeanor.  The prosecutor got his file and came and sat down to talk to me.  As he was looking through it, I was reminding him on what he'd offered and I said, "So, he's charged with [most serious offense] and you offered to have him plead to a gross misdemeanor."  As he's flipping through the file, listening to me, he looks a little surprised and says, "I did?  I offered that?  Why did I do that? Was there a reason?"  Then he flips to his copy of the offer letter and reviews it, saying, "Hey, I did offer that.  I wonder why I did that.  I don't remember why I offered that.  Why did I do that?"  This made me laugh pretty hard.  He was so confused about his own offer, I couldn't help but laugh.  Especially when he also started laughing and then said, "That's a really good deal.  Your client should take it."  

I had another funny moment too when another prosecutor that I work with pretty often told me he is Jewish and I told him I am Mormon.  I poked fun at him by saying that the reason he almost never joins the group of attorneys going out to lunch, saying that he's trying to save money, is that he's Jewish and cheap.  His response was, "Why don't you go have a cup of coffee?"  I laughed really hard at that.  That was good!  

So, sometimes my job is pretty funny.  

In other news, I started a pottery class last week.  I'm horrible at it, but I don't really care.  It's so soothing to just sit there and play in the mud and throw things on the wheel, even if they turn out like crap.  I am pretty excited for it every week.  So far, I've had two classes and I've got 4 more.  It's really fun.  Once I get some finished pieces, I'll post photos up here.  Not that they are really beautiful or well-made--they are not.  They are wobbly and misshapen and wonky, but whatever, I don't even care.  It's just so much fun.  

And because this is rapidly becoming the Cat Blog, here's another picture of my cat, Oscar.  He is never more happy than when he can be inside a box.  Then, he tears the box apart in between naps.  If you look closely, you can see the part of the box that he's already started ripping it apart.  My mom gave me this box specifically for Oscar to have, since it makes him soooo happy.  Silly kitty...

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