Monday, April 22, 2013


Everyone is all abuzz on the interwebs about the Boston bombing suspect and Quarles, a case which I'm sure no one other than nerds and lawyers and nerdy lawyers knew about before this week, and Miranda warnings.  I could add more to the debate, but I think it's easier to just tell you to go read this blog posting about it, because it's very well-written and explains everything very nicely. 

This is my last day to be a 20-something.  I feel like I have to start being a grown-up or something tomorrow and who wants to do that?  Blech. Pass. 

In make-my-Monday-even-worse-news, YKW texted me this morning to apologize for forgetting to tell me happy birthday yesterday.  Problem is that my birthday isn't till tomorrow. Really?? Really?? Six years together and he's already forgotten my birthday?  Thanks, pal.  Glad to see how memorable our effing marriage was to him.  It shouldn't bother me.  I should just ignore it and not let it be a concern at all.  But it does bother me.  I spent 6 years with that guy.  I was freaking married to him.  And then he forgets when my birthday is.  Ugh.  Whatevs.  I guess it's just one more reason to think that perhaps I dodged a bullet by him divorcing me--otherwise I'd be stuck w/ him for the rest of my life. 

All right, that's enough complaining from me for now.  Off to go look at adorable kittens to help cheer me up.

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