Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I'm being transferred at work to a different county than the one I've been in for the last 2 years. I'm actually pretty sad about the move.  I like the county that I work in and I'm sad that I will have to change. Plus, I hate change with a passion. I hate having to meet new people and I hate having to be in new situations where I don't know what's expected... Every court has its own idiosyncrasies and I hate not knowing what those are when I am in court.  After you've been in court for awhile in a certain area, you get used to what to expect and what the judges are like and how things operate...but, I'm going to be tossed into a new environment and have to learn this new court's processes.  Sigh... Plus, I have to say goodbye to all the awesome people at my current county!  That makes me sad, too.  A couple of the court clerks have asked me if it is true I'm moving and said that they hoped I'd be back soon because they liked having me there.  That was really nice to hear.  And I'll miss the prosecutors, too, since I genuinely like and get along w/ all of them.  I'd consider them all friends, so I am sad to have to leave.

So, it's off to new adventures in my new county.  I'll still be wrapping up cases that I have in my current county, but I'm not getting any new ones.  And I'm getting new ones in the new county.  It will be interesting, that's for sure.  The one huge bonus is that the new county courthouse is within walking distance of my office, so I can just pop in and out for court hearings and go back to the office in between, which I can't do right now in the current county, since it's too far away.  So, that is convenient, and will probably save on gas since I don't have to drive to court anymore. And saving on gas is a good thing, considering I had zero money for gas this week and had to dig out $19 in quarters from my change jar to pay for gas. I'm sure the cashier loved me. 

Other than that, what's been going on?  Not a whole lot.  Still married, for whatever reason.  Still haven't gotten the final paperwork, so I'm doubtful that it will be done before the end of the year.  Who knows, I could be wrong, but at the rate we're going, I don't think it will be wrapped up anytime soon.  We'll see. 

I have my annual Christmas break coming up soon.  I will be off work from Dec. 22 (a Saturday) through Jan. 7, 2013 (a Monday).  I come back on Jan. 8th.  I always loved having that time off from school as a kid and I save up my vacation time so I can use it for an adult version of Christmas break at work.  I am going to try to see if I can afford to go down and visit RV in Chicago and possibly another friend in D.C., but I'll have to see how finances are for that.  I may not have enough quarters to cover all that gas.  If not, I'll enjoy some family and friend time, maybe do some of the projects I never have time for--sewing, painting, drawing, etc.--but that I love to do, and spend a lot of quality time with my kitties.  Either way, if I'm in Chicago and/of D.C. or if I'm at home, it will be a nice break from the routine of going to work every day and a nice chance to see my friends and family that I never see enough of. 

And now, here's a picture of Ward.  Just because.

I can't imagine that's very comfortable, but he seems to enjoy it, so whatever.  

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