Tuesday, November 20, 2012

At some point, I should think about looking into this concept of growing up

My step dad is out of the hospital. They were able to shrink the massive clot in his lung enough for him to be released. He is still really fragile, weak, and very ill, but no longer on the verge of death. The icu dr said if he had waited even one more day, the clot would have moved to his heart and likely killed him. It moved that way while he was in the icu but they were able to do something about it. Had he not been there, it would have been a different situation.
Still not divorced yet. We have talked about the last of the details so I'm expecting to get the papers every day that I open my mailbox but so far, nothing. So, I'm still waiting on that.
As usual, I once again was the epitome of maturity as I waited in the courtroom for my turn and listened to the prosecutor give an offer of the facts the state would intend to prove at trial. It was a case where apparently a witness statement included the term "pee pee" and as a result, the prosecutor repeatedly had to say "pee pee." There was something too hilarious about a 48 year old man who is extremely intelligent and very professional saying "pee pee" over and over again. I had a serious case of the church giggles over it. After the hearing was done, I said to him, "Hehehe, I heard you say 'pee pee.' Hehehe." To which he grinned and replied, "I know!" So there you go...your public defender may be silently holding in her giggling at the most immature and ridiculous things. You just never know. Can you believe they gave me a law degree? Ahahaha, I'm hearing him say "pee pee" in my head as I'm writing this and it's making me giggle again.
Other than that, everything is pretty much the same sh*t, different day. Just me, Ward, and dumb baby Hubert doing what we do, living the thug life.
Which of course means watching Sister Wives and taking a nap. Because seriously...wtf, Sister Wives? W.T.F.?

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  1. First of all, your book is hilarious. I am almost done reading it and I am very sad that it is nearing the end. I don't want it to stop!

    Secondly, Sister Wives is one of the greatest "dirty pleasure" shows on television. It is a train wreck. Completely and totally. Have you watched it from the first season, when they bring in the fourth wife? I hate everyone except for Christine, Janelle, Logan, and Madison (two of Janelle's kids). I wish there was just a show of them.

    Thirdly, you know what else is a really awesomely terrible show? Breaking Amish.

    Fourthly, I would laugh at someone saying "pee pee" too. There's no point in lawyering if you can't still laugh at things like "pee pee." Just sayin. :)

    Hope you are doing okay - keep on keeping on and all that. Meh. I've pretty much figured out that every day is a sucky day, it's just that some days suck less than others. So here's hoping you have a $2 hooker type sucky day and not an industrial size hoover vacuum sucky one! :)