Thursday, June 09, 2011

Pants are a pain all the time. Wearing them...making them...

I have been trying to sew a pair of pants for about 1 1/2 months now.  Ever since Hat got me that sweet sewing box for my birthday, I've been working on a pair of pants for work.  The first pair didn't work out because I messed up the pattern and they were too small.  This was a major setback since the pants were almost completed and I was really upset over that mistake.  But, I re-started the pants again and I'm now almost done.  I'm like 3 steps away from being completely done with the pants.  I will be extremely excited if I can complete the pants and they actually look decent!  Pants are tricky...very, very tricky, as I've discovered.  I'm sewing the hook-and-eye clasps on tonight and then I'll just have to do the hems and I'm done!!

Pictures will be forthcoming--assuming they don't look stupid.  If they look stupid, then there will be no pictures. 

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