Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Humorous conversation of the day

One of the prosecutors and I were discussing bail on a case before court this afternoon.  I wanted him to agree to lower the bail.  While we were talking about why I thought he should agree to reduced bail, he was reviewing the bail evaluation, which is this form that ranks defendants based on a number of factors to determine whether bail should be set and at what level.  The scale goes something like this: 0-8 is low; 9-17 is medium; 18+ is high. 

Today's client had a score of 89.  While discussing the bail with the prosecutor, he says to me: "He's got a bail eval score of 89. I don't think I've ever seen one that high before."

Me: "Oh, I've seen ones that high before."
Him: "Really? You must know some interesting people."
Me: (Pause) "You know what my job is, right?" 

Hehehe...gotta have some humor to lighten things up at work.  


  1. The other day I was trying to get a copy of an officer's affidavit that he used to get the search warrant and the prosecutor seemed really confused as to what I wanted and what my role was. Eventually she just said, "Actually, I don't even understand what you do." Yes, really, apparently she has no concept of what a public defender does. I'm pretty sure she wasn't kidding.

  2. Okay this made me snort out loud and then look around to see if anyone heard me and then continue to chuckle quietly to myself. I love you.

  3. E--that's a little terrifying. Thankfully I know that this prosecutor knew my job, as he understood the joke. How does she not understand what a PD does?? What a moron!