Monday, April 18, 2011

Maybe the stupid weather is why I've been gloomy lately. Hawaii will help.

My thyroid medicine is off again. 

I know this because lately I keep having these depressing/crappy thoughts pop into my head that generally don't come to mind when my levels are normal.  Things like, "Good gracious, I have to go to work for 40 hours a week for the rest of my life?! Who made that rule? Effing a, this sucks balls."  and "Damnit, being a grown-up blows a lot more than I ever anticipated as a kid."  While those things are true, I generally don't dwell on them and they aren't a cause for me to feel grumpy.  Not the case lately, where I feel grumpy and out-of-sorts about it.  So, I scheduled a doctor's appointment--it's that time of the year anyway--in a couple weeks and they'll stab me a few times in an attempt to get my blood and then call me in a few days and tell me what I already know--that my medicine is off again.  I wish I could skip the stabbing part of it, but apparently that's necessary.  LAME. 

In non-lame news, Hat and I are planning on going to Hawaii in less than a month! Woohoo!!! Now that is so exciting, if crappy low-medication-mood can't suppress that awesomeness.  We've got friends who moved out there (actually, their work moved them out there--lucky bastards) and they invited us to stay with them.  So that cuts like 50% off the cost of a vacation to Hawaii right there.  I'm very excited--especially since Minnesota has decided to be an asshole and keep being cold and snowing into late April.  Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine! We're going to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary.  Two whole years!  Excellent. 

We're leaving Thursday, May 12 and I have been protective of my court schedule the 3 days prior to that.  I got a court notice for a trial that was supposed to start on May 9, which is that Monday.  The trial is expected to go at least 4 days, which means it would run into Hawaii-time.  And that could not happen, so I had to request that it be rescheduled.  Hearings are fine--trial that will last the whole week are not fine.  I NEED TO BE IN WARM WEATHER!! 

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