Who's Who?

Names have been changed to protect the innocent.  Want to know who people are?  Well, here's a list of names and the role they play in this ensemble cast: 

PDgirl - Me. 
Hubert, Ward, Oscar, and/or Simon--my beloved cats.  I got Oscar  in 2003, then I got Ward in February 2010. Oscar passed away in June of 2012.  Hubert then joined the family in July 2012, followed by Simon in October 2013.  Simon got sick and died in January 2014. 
RV--Short for Roommate V.  She has been my best friend for over a decade and we lived together from 2003-2006. 
RN--Short for Roommate N.  She was my roommate from 2004-2005.  She was in a car accident at the end of 2005 and ended up in a coma.  She is still one of my best friends. 
The Texan--one of my best friends; name based on her move to Texas a few years back. 
Cider--one of my best friends who I met in law school.  She recently battled leukemia and kicked its butt!
Golf--a fellow public defender who is affectionately referred to as my "office dad," since I pointed out to him that he is as old as my parents (but to be fair, my parents are really young). He is now my boss, but I still give him crap all the time.
Shoes--another fellow public defender.
CB--short for Carpool Buddy.  CB used to work in the office & we got to carpool to work, hence the name. However, she's moved to a different PD office now, although she's still one of my favorite partners in crime. 
Hat/You Know Who/YKW--my former husband.  He's been on the scene since we met in 2005, first making his debut as a boyfriend and finally in 2009 converting to husband.  In November 2011, he became You Know Who or YKW due to the fact that he decided he wanted a divorce and we separated.  The divorce became final on Jan. 10, 2013.  He is really only around now in the archives, as we don't have much, if any, communication anymore. 

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