Saturday, February 24, 2018


This week has been a whirlwind. I moved last Saturday & Sunday to my new apartment. It is a great place but apparently the location is a bit sketch. I'm not too concerned though. The bus stop is literally 100 steps from my front door & it's like 13 minutes to get to my new office. Super convenient! Ward & Hubert seem to have adjusted well to the move, so that's also good. I was worried that they might have a rough time but they did well!

I also started at my new office this week, so I had a lot going on. My new office is giant compared to my old one. It's on two floors! And it's a maze. I get very turned around trying to navigate through it. So far everyone I have met has been super nice & friendly & welcoming which is great when you're me & have terrible social anxiety & are terrified of initiating conversations with new people. So the transition to the new office has been really good. I miss my old office peeps, of course, but we are still in contact on a daily basis since we are all part of a Slack messaging group. So I haven't completely lost touch with my friends back there.

So far, a week into my new life, things are going well & I'm pretty happy. I'm even saying yes to social stuff with people I don't know very well in order to expand my social circle. I am really looking forward to what this year has for me, since it's starting out so well. Let's hope it stays that way!